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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

our little hockey guy

last night we went to the new ice garden in la quinta. we were both really surprised at how well cooper did. someday he will be a great forward for the l.a. kings... or a really fantastic figure skater! photos were added to the slideshow.


Gramma B.B. said...

...good job for a FIRST TIME skater! He'll be a hockey star before you know it!!!

Laurie said...

I always said he was a born athlete. When he was riding his bike around your neighborhood at 2 and a half years old I was amazed. Ava still hasn't rode her big Princess bike that we bought her at Christmas past the living room. Although I must say she is great at painting her toe nails. :) Give Cooper a kiss from us, and I'm super happy that bite didn't break the skin.