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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the dentist

today was cooper's first dentist appointment. i wish i would have started him sooner. our dentist told us "not until he's 4 or 5," then is pediatrician said "NOW!" should have taken him in at 1 year. he was actually doing well (i'm sure it was because of all the "practicing" i did during the past few weeks) until the molar xrays started. you know how when that piece goes into your mouth and starts cutting the roof? yep, that's when it started. the xrays of the back teeth were not taken. then i had to hold him down during the exam and cleaning, while he was screaming and crying and shaking his head from side to side. this dentist (dr. tran) must have had countless hours of training for this! then when it came time to put some flouride stuff on his teeth, he leaned back and let her do it. i asked him if the polishing felt good and he said yes. then turned to the dr. and said "thank you for cleaning my teeth!" so although it didn't go as smoothly as i wanted, the dr. was able to do her job and he seemed okay at the end. oh yeah, and tony is taking him next time!!!